Wound Management in a
Controlled Atmosphere



DTAMEDICAL is developing an innovative medical device for wound isolation and contactless therapy, VISTACARE : 

  • Bacteriological isolation prevents and limits the risk of nosocomial infections, their transmission in hospitals, and harmful effects on wound healing.
  • Visual monitoring of the wound healing process occurs without trauma or risk of infection.
  • Wound care is easier. 

VISTACARE is the only medical device that allows modulating and controlling the environmental parameters influencing wound healing (temperature, oxygen, hygrometry, light). 

VISTACARE allows personalized care depending on the type and stage of the wound, as well as daily adjustments to the medical protocol depending on the evolution of the wound.

The treatment is traceable, thus facilitating the dialogue between doctors, nurses and patients, and optimizing the quality & continuity of care.

VistaCare’s therapeutic potential is reinforceable by using active healing ingredients as an adjuvant treatment (topical or nebulized).


Philippe CHERET
Business Development


+33 632 086 051




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