Welcome to the era ofAugmented Physiology

Innovative Medical Device for wound management.
Concept of wound isolation and contactless therapy (WICT).

VistaCare optimizes the control of physicochemical parameters in an enclosure, reducing dramatically the risk of nosocomial infections.
 Risk reduction of wound infection.
 Increase in quality and speed of healing.
 Optimal control of treatment costs.


Last minute

Presentation of VistaCare at BPI Inno Génération -

François Dufaÿ of DTAMédical, promoting the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region at BPI France's event Inno Generation, at the Bercy Arena. DTAMédical is a member of the BPI Excellence network.

Medical Start Up Award 2015 -

During the MEDICA 2015 tradefair, VistaCare is distinguished with the "Medical Start-Up Award Medica Compamed 2015".

German press release

Product presentation -

Presenting VistaCare to Muriel Pénicaud, CEO of Business France, at the MEDICA 2015 tradefair.

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